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The Emotional Decoding of Symptoms ® allows us to identify the link between physiology and emotions. If we accept the principle that our emotions have repercussions for our health, then understanding the origins of these emotions represents a step towards improving our well-being.


Beatrice Bourau Glisia

Béatrice Bourau-Glisia - Emotional Decoding of Symptoms

Béatrice Bourau-Glisia has been a therapist for more than fifteen years.
After benefiting from the
technique of biodecoding during her own healing process, she became involved in speaking and training to develop this technique.
Today, she continues to speak and train internationally :
Spain, the United States, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, and of course, in

Illustration of the methodology
(This is only an example; just as each person is unique, each treatment is also unique.) :

1. Symptom: I suffer from eczema.

This problem is actually the body's expression of a solution: Why does my body develop this skin condition? Eczema is a term for a group of medical conditions that can result in the formation of excess skin.

2. Why does excess skin form?

The skin serves as protection, but also as a point of contact.

3. The therapy will concentrate on instants where emotions of separation or aggression have appeared.


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A note of caution

The Emotional Decoding of Symptoms ® does not guarantee healing, and it not a system of truths
or certainties. It is an exploration of hypotheses incorporating openness and curiosity where
each of us has the power for self-healing. It is an approach to health meant to complement
conventional medical practices. The practitioners of Emotional Decoding of Symptoms ® are
professionals whose training and obligations are defined and governed by the Association
Internationale des Praticiens de Décodage Biologique des Symptômes (A.I.P.D.B.S) (International
Association of Practitioners of Biological Decoding of Symptoms)