Beatrice Bourau Glisia

The Emotional Decoding
of Symptoms ®
a personal experience

I first discovered the Emotional Decoding of Symptoms ® (sometimes called decodage biologique or Biodecoding ® ) as a patient. Suffering from an eating disorder and having seen a multitude of specialists without much success, I took the advise of a friend and went to see a practitioner. He listened differently, and worked on my feelings and emotions. I had discovered a new approach to my problem. 

At first I didn't really understand what was happening with myself, but after several sessions, I left transformed, and my problem disappeared.


Curious, I participated in a training session to try and better understand and learn more about these links between emotions and symptoms.

I was convinced by this discipline which was so humane and aware of the feelings that affect us. I enthusiastically embraced the evidence of these direct links between emotions and physiology which for me are inseparable from each other, and I decided to educate myself and use this discipline to help the individuals coming to see me as a therapist.

1. Therapist

For more than 15 years I have lived in Aubagne, close to Marseille.
I offer therapy which occurs in an atmosphere of absolute respect for each individual (see the code of ethics). My role is to facilitate access to blocked emotions and to do everything possible to enable someone to improve their wellbeing and self-awareness. I offer therapeutic support based on hypotheses and the following principles.
A particular mention for "Mamies conteuses de Marseille" (storytelling grandmothers in Marseille) who taught me the art of storytelling, the therapeutic pertinence of which I rediscover every day!

Legal framework : Béatrice Bourau-Glisia is a member of the Association Internationale des Praticiens de Décodage Biologique des Symptômes (AIP-DBS) which groups professionals who respect the code of ethics for professional practitioners of decoding. As such, she is committed to periodic supervision and professional practice in a legal framework. Siret #514 661 024 00018. Therapy sessions do not take the place of treatment by a physician, or therapy and monitoring by a psychiatrist or psychologist. They act as a complement to other professional approaches to physical, psychological, or behavioral problems, excluding psychiatric disorders. By law, as a decoding practitioner, Béatrice cannot establish a medical diagnosis, prescribe drugs or
medicines, establish a medical certificate, or terminate a medical treatment. She can furnish a certificate of presence at the consultation and a receipt for payment. Sessions last one hour. The charge per session is 60 € by check or cash.

2. Speaker and Trainer

My objective is introduce the Emotional Decoding of Symptôms ® to a wider audience and to encourage the study of the link between symptoms and emotions. I speak throughout France and abroad : Spain, the United State, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, to name a few. Trained in Biodecoding by Christian Flèche, I collaborated with him for ten years before offering my own training and workshops of initiation and discovery.
My initial education, a masters in economy, and my work for a chamber of commerce as the director of training, have helped me in becoming a trainer in the Emotional Decoding of Symptoms.

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3. President of the Association Internationale des Praticiens en Décodage Biologique des Symptômes

As president, I advocate for the respect of the code of ethics and the promotion of decoding and professionals who work on the link between emotions and symptoms.
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My commitments :

  • Respect for physical and mental integrity.
  • Anonymity and professional privilege in our communications.
  • Transparency about my training, my methods, and our work together.
  • Security : Your confidence in me and my work will only be used in the service of your well being
    and the achievement of your goals, and will in no case serve my personal interests.