What if our emotions
influence our health?


Our body believes everything is real!
"I can turn red under the sun or in front of an audience"
A physical attack, like that of a sunburn, or a virtual attack, like blushing before the scrutiny of an audience, provoke a similar reaction in the body: the skin turning red.
"I can have a stomach ache from poisonous mushrooms or from a stressful or dangerous situation." The body responds to all types of stimuli, whether physical, biological, or emotional. The body's response can take the form of symptoms.
An emotional attack can bring about biological symptoms that are as real as those from a
physical attack:

  • Heat causes us to perspire in order to regulate our body's temperature.
  • Eating poisonous mushrooms will cause vomiting and diarrhea in order to eliminate the
  •  …

The body's responses function in much the same way.

The symptoms are the solutions provided by our body.

Even if these symptoms are sometimes difficult to support, they are necessary because they represent our physical equilibrium and sometimes even our survival.

The body has its reasons . . .
Thinking of the symptom as the beginning of a solution can seem incongruous. But the body responds to a logic, and the symptom follows this logic. This is not a coincidence!. The principle of emotional decoding or biodecoding, is to understand the link between the observed symptoms and the emotion at the root of the problem. Understanding the shock-symptom mechanism allows us to step back from this association and facilitate relief.


When we are faced with an intense emotional shock we are often lost and powerless. Our body reacts, and more specifically, it reacts in order to adapt or survive. It responds to a need: the need for contact, the need to breath, to accept or assimilate, etc.

This is not a random response! The symptom has a sense. It is not the event that is important, it is the way we feel about it or perceive it, this part that lives inside of each of us. For example: I can't feel the fact that I am in the middle of a divorce, but I can feel the aggression, the separation, the anger and bitterness, the devastation, the abandonment, the loss. These feelings can contribute to the development of pathologies such as psoriasis or eczema, acid indigestion, water retention, and weight gain.

Emotions have a real impact on all of our body's tissue and organs with respect to their

function. Our body or our behavior adapts biologically, and produces an unconscious response
to situations of stress, shock, or other destabilizing feelings.

The Emotional Decoding of Symptoms identifies the precise link between the emotion, the body, and the medical condition. "Our body is the theatre of our emotional life."


By listening to the emotions and the corporeal sensations, the therapy facilitates access to past scenarios that the body has memorized. The practitioner’s strategy is to find the precise instant that remained unsolved in order to transform the sensation, drain the emotion, and soothe the body.

A perceptive and detailed study of a physician's diagnosis is a fundamental element of all serious decoding. The practitioner must also take account of individual specificity. Biology may be universal, but individually, we are all unique! We all experience events in our own personal way.

When you see a warning light on your car's dashboard, simply turning it off is not enough.

You have to find the cause of the problem !

The same event creates different emotions for different people. During a family reunion not everyone recalls the same anecdotes even though they may have been together at the same moment.

We memorize our feelings and emotions. Each emotion is recorded and interpreted by our

body. A smile or an approving look can create a supportive emotion that translates into positive

A different look might instigate fear or doubt that can have a negative impact on the body (such
as knot in the stomach or moist hands).

All emotions have a specific impact on our biology.
The Emotional Decoding of Symptoms ® highlights the precise link between the emotion, the body, and the medical condition. The therapy helps us find the emotional root of the symptoms, to then be able to free ourselves of those symptoms !

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A note of caution

The Emotional Decoding of Symptoms ® does not guarantee healing, and it not a system of truths or certainties. It is an exploration of hypotheses incorporating openness and curiosity where each of us has the power for self-healing. It is an approach to health meant to complement conventional medical practices. The practitioners of Emotional Decoding of Symptoms ® are professionals whose training and obligations are defined and governed by the Association Internationale des Praticiens de Décodage Biologique des Symptômes (International Association of Practitioners of Biological Decoding of Symptoms). (A.I.P.D.B.S)